Panda Daruma パンダだるま 
Panda Kappa パンダかっぱ 

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Pandaruma 開運パンダるま

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Panda Daruma Fish

パンダダルマハゼ, Paragobiodon

. Fish named DARUMA   


Butaman and Pandaman

Panda Pan ぱんだパン

Panda Soomen パンダそうめん from Ueno Zoo, Tokyo

Panda Bento パンダ弁当 Lunchboxes

Panda パンダラーメン Ramen Noodle soup

Panda Kamaboko パンダかまぼこ


. Papa Panda and the Nekojins - facebook .


. Panda Kappa パンダかっぱ .

from Shirahama, Wakayama 和歌山県白浜町

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- strap ストラップ
On the backside there is a bit of the green turtle shield of a kappa.

いついろかっぱのものがたり Itsu iru kappa no monogatari
(五色河童の物語)named after a beach in the South of Shirahama, called
Goshiki ga hama 五色ヶ浜 The Beach in five colors.

A Children's book of Kappa in five different colors
The motive of this book is a local legend of Koora Booshi 「甲羅法師」Kora Boshi.
The five Kappa try to keep the beach clean, help the local fishermen and enjoy sumo wrestling on a circle painted on the beach.
- source : shirahama-shokosai

The legend of Shirarahama no Kora Boshi

Once upon a time, at Shirarahama, there were a lot of wet rice paddies. In the villge lived a man called Hikoza 彦左. He worked hard all day, even in the sweltering heat of summer he was out in the fields, pulling weeds. He was very proud of his strength and boasted of winning all the Sumo wrestling bouts as a child.

At that time there was a rumor in the village that in the river there lived a Kappa called 甲羅法師 Kora Boshi. He was evil and pulled the children in the river when they swam. At night he came out to the fields, pulled out some long radishes or taro potatoes and destroyed the fields while doing so. The villagers got more and more angry at his deeds.

At one night in summer, when the sun sank red into the sea and it became dark, Hikoza had finished his weed-pulling in the fields and was on his way home, passing the Shirara beach.
Suddely he heard a voice calling him:
"Hikoza, Hikoza, hey, Hikoza!"
So he answered: "Yes, what do you want?" and saw something coming out of the waves.
Aah, this must be Kora Boshi, he thought to himself, but he pretended not to know it was a Kappa.
He invited the creature:
"What a great place to meet you. Let's have a bout at Sumo wrestling!"
Kora Boshi was also proud of his Sumo skills, so he accepted.
"Yes, good idea, Hikoza, let's have a bout!"

So the two of them begun to wrestle. When Hikoza threw the Kappa onto the beach, blood began to flow from the head of the Kappa. Hikoza jumped on the Kappa and held him down,
"I know you are the guy who does all the harm in our village!"
"Please do not kill me! I promise not do any evil deeds any more!" cried the Kappa in despair.

Hikoza said:
"I will let you live, but you are not to come out to land any more, understand!" and he made the Kappa promise to keep his word. The Kappa would only be allowed if the white sand of the beach turned black or pine trees would grow on the small island 四双島 Shisojima in the nearby ocean.

After that, Kora Boshi, the Kappa, tried many times to come up to the white beach and paint it black with ink, but the waves cleaned it all very soon.
He tried to plant pines on 四双島 Shisojima Island, but they were also swept away by the waves.
Finally the Kappa gave up and never showed on the beach and in the fields again.
- source : wave.pref.wakayama.lg.jp

Kappa nuri-e ぬり絵 - and pandakappa homepage
- source : paint the five Kappa in color !

Based on this legend, the village invented a mascot with the colors White and Black - coming up with the Panda Kappa !

. - KAPPA - 河童 / かっぱ - Animals - .
the Kappapedia

. goora ゴーラ Gora Kappa legend from Wakayama .

Panda and Kappa at Tsunagi Onsen 繋温泉 hot spring in Iwate.

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While googeling for the Panda / Kappa items,
I found this Daruma with a turtle pattern

- source : kamecokamesuke.blog119

Kameko かめこ and 甲羅模様の小法師



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