Happy New 2006


All the Best for the New Year of the DOG !

明けましたおめでとうございます !



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Unknown said...


世田谷区砧6-26-10 中村 作雄


Anonymous said...

What a cute card with its softly printed and embossed paper and cute daruma!

Happy New Year to You!

Bette Wappner
Kentucky, USA

baseball gods said...

Gabi sensei

Thanks for your beautiful and sweet New Year card. Here are some senryu with dogs in them:

cold autumn day --
an italian greyhound wears
a coat and pants

late night snowstorm:
I hope your dog
goes fast

sign at the bank:
"no dogs allowed except
seeing eye dogs"

a man talks
on his cell phone --
his dog looks mad

[last one published in Haiku Harvest, Fall/Winter 2005, vol. 5 no. 1]


Anonymous said...

dogs in all shapes and sizes and sounds -- Happy New Year!!!

ai... chibi


Gabi Greve said...

Dear Gabi san and All

I remember one New Year when I was young. My father would love to
shoot roman candles... the colored balls of fire were fascinating.
As part of this ceremony during the cold night we would have a
bondfire to keep warm.

When I was about 6 years old on one of these New Years Eves, as my father twirled the roman candle a piece of the hot wick flew off and landed burning on my cheek. My quick thinking father put his glove over the spot to smother the flame and quickly brushed the wick from my face.
Now, that I am a father, that memory has such a deep meaning.

Roman candle! cheers in the cold

New Years Eve ... the bondfire heat from a distance

Happy New Year already there! Soon here!

dogs bark at the distant snap of fireworks -- another year begins

ai... chibi



MaTri2061 said...

Hallo Gabi,

herzlichen Dank für die vielen schönen Beiträge in 2005. Dir und Bernd wünsche ich viele gute Stunden und vor allem Gesundheit.
Möge 2006 ein friedliches und frohes Jahr für alle Wesen sein.

Herzliche Grüße
aus Germany / Berlin